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Insurance Solutions
For Better Living


Insurance Solutions
For Better Living


Insurance Solutions
For Better Living


Insurance Solutions
For Better Living


Reporting a claim is easy – however you choose to do it. Call us directly at 231-755-1919 and speak to an agent, use the form below and your claim will be processed and an agent will contact you as soon as possible, you can mail in your claim at the address listed here, or you can contact your individual agent by phone from the contact list found here.

Please fill out the basic information regarding any claims you wish to submit – we’ll begin processing all claims as quickly as possible and respond back to you promptly.

    Is you wish to report any claims after normal business hours, feel free to contact any of the insurance companies we represent directly:

    Accident Fund: 1- 866-206-5851
    Acuity: 1-800-242-7666
    Am. Modern/Grand General: 1-800-869-2022
    Cincinnati: 1-877-242-2544
    Citizens: 1- 800-628-0250
    EMC: 1-888-362-2255
    First Comp: 1-888-500-3344
    Foremost Insurance: 877-452-3957
    Fremont: 1-800-550-0325
    Grange: 1-800-445-3030
    Hagerty Insurance: 877-922-9701
    Michigan Ins.: 1-800-255-7131
    Michigan Millers: 1- 877-858-5361
    Motorists: 1- 800-876-8766
    NSI/West Bend: 1-877-922-5246
    North Point: 1-800-229-6742
    Philadelphia: 1-800-765-9749
    Progressive: 1-800-274-4499
    Selective: 1-866-455-9969

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